We Will Ghostwrite Your Book- Low Monthly Payments Available (Flagstaff)

We have been ghostwriting and editing books since 2011. We have a team of talented writers with various specialties, including memoir, non-fiction, business, fiction, Christian, and more. We are very active in the writing process with the writer, and we manage and edit their work, so your book comes fully edited, and you will not have to pay an editor when your project is done.

The process:
You and your writer have an initial call, during which you basically download your brain to them, including your vision for the book and what you want included in the book.
Your writer will come up with an outline and send it to you for approval.
You and your writer go back and forth until you have an outline you are happy with.
Your writer comes up with questions to ask you to draw your story out of you.
You and your writer have a series of phone calls, during which they ask you questions. They take the answers to those questions and make them flow together into a story. Some authors feel put on the spot on the phone and prefer to do this by email, so they can give more thoughtful answers.
Your writer will write the first chapter and send it to you for approval and feedback.
After you have an approved version of the chapter, your writer will write the next chapter.
You and your writer continue to have phone conversations, and they will continue to send you chapters for approval. At the end, we put all the chapters together and provide a free professional edit.

We are also able to edit books and provide publishing services, including book cover design, book interior layout (the typsetting of how the words appear on the page), ePub files (the file that grows and shrinks to fit different sizes of screens), eBook publishing, print publishing, and audiobook recording. After the book has published, we offer PR for authors, social media for authors, and author websites. We also ghostwrite articles, guest pieces, opinion pieces, and blogs. Please message us if you are interested.
We include a professional edit of all ghostwriting projects for free. We offer payment plans, or, if you want low monthly payments, we also offer financing through banking partners. Please note we do not buy stories.

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