Supercharged Organic Garden Soil - $20

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Howdy Folks,

We've got organic compost for sale for your garden.

We have a little hobby farm here on the creek and use all the spent bedding from our goats, pigs and chickens.. and we also coop with other local homesteaders and folks with horses to process bedding here.

Manure-based compost is the very best and goats in particular have amazing manure due to their four stomachs which break down and regurgitate grasses to be chewed and swallowed again and again.

In addition to the straw, hay and manure, we add more subtle nutrition from grass, leaves, creek sand mud and clay ( minerals from thousand's of years of floods and deep creek soil ) + rotten spongy cottonwood which is loaded with mycelium and helps retain water and creates oxygen pockets and microorganism habitat.. there's so much going on in this soil !

Oh .. and it's watered with chlorine free well water : )

This compost has been breaking down gently for months, and equally turned every other time with a pitch fork by hand and every other time with a small tractor.

Hand turning with a pitchfork is far superior to the tractor but the chickens to it even better.. they get in there with a fine tooth comb.

This fertilizer is great for medical crops, veggies, flowers, and you can even top dress your confined house plants for a jump in growth and color !

Contact us for your home needs, business, landscape or cash crops!

Small batch, high potency, money back guarantee!

A lot of people think they don't have a green thumb, but most times it's just bad soil loaded with fillers. You can mix this stuff with your spent or underpowered garden soil and native soil to get much more volume.
This is a high potency supplement, not just potting soil.

Come pick up some sacks and see the critters who helped make it!

Can't wait to help you get growing !
Great for struggling house plans as well !

Pitch fork Pete
& the Pollen Arts Family

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