Hinges (Flagstaff)

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I have four magnetic door catches. The catches are the type used for furniture.

I have 4 metal plates and 6 barrel nuts and bolts.

I have four galvanized hinges that are stiff. The hinges are three inches long overall with one side being only an inch long.

I have a locking latch that is steel with bolts and a hinge that looks like it is from the 1950's style.

I have three coat hooks. Two are beat up brass and one is nickel new in a bag.

I have 4 piano hinges

I have six hinges that are about 2 inches in length.

I am looking to trade all the hinges, coat hooks, and other hardware for a small solar panel that is light weight and has a single USB connection.

I have some Nintendo Wii items. I have a balance board a Wii mote and 10 games. The games are
Wii fit plus ( I have 2 copies),
Wii play,
country dance 2,
just dance 3 (this game is in an incorrect case),
Skylanders spyro's adventure, Skylanders Giants,
dood's big adventure,
Cabela's North American adventure and for the Wii u Lego dimensions.
I am looking to all the Nintendo Wii items for an rei flash backpack or a similar backpack I am a guy about six feet tall.

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